We manage over 75 rental units in Dane County. We pride ourselves on having the owner involved in all daily management decisions. Most of the properties that we manage we have an ownership share in the property.

For prospective Tenants

We've been helping individuals, families and businesses find residence for more than 15 years. Every year hundreds of tenants depend on The Spanos Company for their property management needs.

Rental Criteria

TSC Management's Rental Criteria
  Housing Reference: We will contact your previous housing providers. We will verify your payment history and determine if any other problems were encountered during your residency.
  Income Source: Income must be derived from a lawful source and equal to no less than 3 times the rental rate of the apartment applied for (33% rent to income ration). Any government housing assistance payments will be counted as a rent credit in this calculation.
  Evictions: Past evictions will be looked at and will severely impact your score that will determine whether you will accepted to one of TSC Management's apartments.
  Credit Reference: If all other criteria are met with a positive result, we will use the Trans Union's Empirica Score. The minimum acceptance score is 620. If that score is not met, a cosigner with a credit score above 620 would be necessary.


We have two licensed certified residential appraisers, with over 12 years combined experience.