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Appraisal Process:

After a request for an appraisal is received, the appraisal process begins. The owner of the property (or the real estate agent for the seller if the appraisal is for a purchase) is contacted by the appraiser and an appointment is scheduled. The appraiser will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. The appraisal appointment will generally take approximately 20-40 minutes, depending on the size of your property. If the appraisal is for a purchase (sale) we request copies of the agreement of sale. If the appraisal is for new construction, we will need copies of the plans and specifications for the building.

The first step of our firm is to inspect the property to be appraised. We look for strengths and weaknesses of the property. The appraiser takes detailed notes regarding the room layout, quality of construction, finishes, amenities and general conditions inside your home. We take house and street pictures with a digital camera. The exterior of the house is measured. On-site attributes are noted for usable areas, landscaping, and site improvements. External influences such as views, traffic or neighborhood features are also noted. When we leave your property, your involvement in the appraisal process is complete.

After we complete the physical inspection of the property, we begin our market research. We utilize information from a variety of sources such as the Multiple Listing System and tax records. Data sources are reviewed and analyzed for information on the subject property and comparative sales. We then prepare the detailed appraisal report. See What Is an Appraisal for additional information on appraisal approaches. The completion of the appraisal may vary, depending on the property and time constraints. We typically consider five business days, from the date of inspection, to be a normal turnaround time. Once completed, appraisals can be sent to you via e-mail (PDF format) or UPS.

This is a general overview of our appraisal services and your involvement in the process.

If you need additional information on any type of appraisal or would like to place an order, please contact our office.

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